I am a mature, seasoned therapist who has practiced the art of psychotherapy for twenty-three years. I treat adults who experience anxiety, depression, and seek support and the constructive feedback of a nonjudgmental, unbiased listener who can help them understand themselves and make beneficial choices for happier relationships, a better quality of life, an improved sense of personal direction and meaning.

My background and training are grounded in psychiatric rehabilitation, community counseling, residential and hospital and private practice settings. I draw from a rich array and depth of clinical experience. In addition to my clinical training and academic study, I have learned much from the people that I have helped. Prior to my career in psychotherapy I studied sociology for many years and understood people and psychological problems in the contexts of society, culture, immigration, religion, economics and history. I still bring a sociological perspective in the psychotherapy setting and find that it helps me to understand my clients in a deeper way, not just in terms of symptoms and diagnosis. Many years ago, I was fortunate to receive training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy, including dialectical behavior therapy, and I became acquainted with persons who suffer with borderline personality disorder and launched my career specialization helping people who suffer with emotion dysregulation and mood challenges. Mindfulness-based therapy, over the past twenty years since I became acquainted with it, has become a very popular and well validated area of research in psychotherapy.


Psychotherapy is a process of revealing and discussing your experiences confidentially. Understanding yourself and your circumstances can bring relief and help you make important life adjustments. And when you combine talk therapy with mindfulness practice you can make sense of and organize and construct your life in a way that is even better than mere anxiety and depression reduction.

It’s very good to know that you can deeply realize your freedom and make beneficial choices about how you would like to live, work and enjoy relationships.

Psychotherapy is a stable, beneficial personal project that is built on trust, wisdom, collaboration. It is a precious gift for client and therapist to value.


Niles D. Willits-Spolin LMFT

Encino/Los Angeles, California