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Could you use some support with work or a personal relationship? Would you like to make some changes?

I help people who want to change their lives. Mindfulness-based therapy can help. Perhaps you have done some research into this kind of therapy and that is why you have found this website, or maybe you have no particular preferences about the types of available psychotherapies. Whether you are new to psychotherapy or not, I welcome you. I specialize in treating adults who experience life/relationship challenges and need support with anxiety and depression, and others who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.



Psychotherapy is a process of revealing and discussing your experiences confidentially. Understanding yourself and your circumstances can bring relief and help you make important life adjustments. And when you combine talk therapy with mindfulness meditation you can make sense of and organize and construct your life in a way that is even better than anxiety and depression reduction.

It’s very good to know that you can deeply realize your freedom and make beneficial choices about how you would like to live, work and enjoy relationships.

As you browse through this website and consider psychotherapy, keep in mind that good therapy depends on a comfortable fit between you and your therapist. In psychotherapy, you want to be comfortable enough to express and reveal yourself. Psychotherapy is a stable, beneficial personal project that is built on trust, wisdom, collaboration. It is a precious gift to value.

Niles D. Willits-Spolin LMFT

Encino/Los Angeles, California